How the Breeders’ Glass inspired California artists

History highlights Californian artists paint life-size equine statues for “Art of the Equine” exhibition

Campaign celebrates Breeders’ Glass arriving at Del Mar Racetrack for the first time

(CNN) In the event that you visited NORTH PARK County recently, there’s a good chance you stumbled across some spectacular life-size equine statues.

Painted by regional Californian performers, 20 eye-catching effigies had been dotted around regional communities to commemorate the Breeders’ Cup arriving at Del Mar Racetrack designed for the first time in its 30-12 months history.

The ‘Art of the Equine’ campaign was commissioned by the Breeders’ Cup Sponsor Committee before what is one of the world’s richest equine races with a complete purse of $6 million.

Photos: The Torrie equine Alte Vista – Walking around NORTH PARK County these last little while, you could have noticed an usual trend popping up on the roads. Hide Caption 1 of 10 Photos: The Torrie equine Del Mar Dreamin’ – To celebrate the Californian city getting awarded the Breeders’ Glass — North America’s premier thoroughbred function — local performers had been asked to paint 20 life-size equine statues, which were then distributed around NORTH PARK. Hide Caption 2 of 10 Photos: The Torrie equine Juan Enrique – Made of fiberglass and position at 7-feet high and 7-feet long, the statues will be replicas of the equine atop the Breeders’ Glass trophy. Hide Caption 3 of 10 Photos: The Torrie equine American Flag – The equine on the trophy is normally itself a reproduction of the original ‘Torrie equine’ sculpture made in Florence by Giovanni da Bologna in the later 1850s. Hide Caption 4 of 10 Photos: The Torrie horse Sea Horse – Some had been distributed and located in prominent areas of the city, while others had been bought by establishments in the town — all in the trust of generating fascination in the Breeders’ Glass. Hide Caption 5 of 10 Photos: The Torrie equine Flower Electric power – “It’s shameless advertising, of study course!” quips Joe Harper, Director, President and CEO of Del Mar Racetrack. “You can’t get around in North County without working into one of those horses.” Hide Caption 6 of 10 Photos: The Torrie equine “It’s certainly made all the locals aware and gave a little taste of Del Mar possibly to the people who don’t usually turn out in this article.” Hide Caption 7 of 10 Photos: The Torrie equine Mare de la Mer – A few of the performers, Harper explains, had never been to a good racetrack before, which resulted in some interesting patterns! Hide Caption 8 of 10 Photos: The Torrie equine Del Mar Sunset – “They’re not necessarily equine performers,” he says. “They’ve merely got a blank equine, a large white horse, and they can perform what comes to their mind. Some possess racetracks on them, some look like Trojan warhorses! It’s sort of fun to receive such a variety of different tips from different performers.” Hide Caption 9 of 10 Photos: The Torrie equine Armored Grace – Dubbed the ‘Art of the Equine’ task, the statues will come to be auctioned off now the Breeders’ Cup is over with the proceeds going towards local community incidents and charities. Hide Caption 10 of 10

Each specific fiberglass figure is a replica of the Torrie Equine that sits on top of the Breeders’ Cup trophy, which itself is a reproduction of the original created by Flemish sculptor, Giovanni de Bologna, in Florence, Italy, in the later 1580s.

Several of the most recent statues have been located in the Del Mar Racetrack and different locations such as The Lodge in Torrey Pines, NORTH PARK Airport and downtown NORTH PARK.

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