Joe Jackson’s odd communication to Blanket

Storyline highlights Joe Jackson published a image on Monday

He also tweeted a good video communication to his grandson

(CNN) The Jackson family patriarch’s good wishes for one of his grandsons has kept followers scratching their heads.

Joe Jackson tweeted a good video communication Monday to Blanket, the 15-year-old boy of the later Michael Jackson.

Blanket, who now reportedly goes by B.G., is the youngest of Jackson’s three kids and isn’t often observed in public these days.

The elder Jackson first tweeted a rare image of his grandson which showed them mutually and had the words “Learn the guidelines and break them” on the picture.

To my own grandson Blanket – Joseph Jackson (@Joe5Jackson) November 13, 2017

It likewise included a link to a niche site which had the communication “To my grandson Blanket. You are like your father in so many techniques, and you remind me most of him. Take it easy, see plenty of good movies, remain healthy and remember, I really do love you !”

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