Look at Serena Williams Wow On The Crimson Carpet With Her Primary Appearance Since HAVING A BABY

Since having a baby to her beautiful baby earlier this year, Alexis Ohanian Jr., Serena finally stepped back from the red carpet for Glamour Magazine’s 2017 Girls of the Year Awards .

The hot mama presented model Gigi Hadid with the Supernova Award, donning a sleeveless black and gold Versace clothing that showed off her enviable legs and arms. The snapback is REAL!

“Gigi, you are mostly of the people on this planet I would keep my baby for – for one night – but also for you, it shows how much you mean to me. And I’d like you to visualize the effect you possess on the community,” the 36 year-old athlete distributed to the viewers at Brooklyn’s historical Kings Theatre.

Of program, we aren’t the only types who stan for Serena – Gigi gushed her appreciation as well.

“Serena, I simply want to say you have already been such a lovely light in my own life for so a long time, and I can’t tell you how happy We am to call you my friend,” said Gigi. “I love you so much, consequently thank you.”

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