Marvin Lewis criticized Jeremy Hill for prioritizing his wellness over Bengals’ lost season

Bengals running back again Jeremy Hill is opting to have got season-ending ankle surgery, and brain mentor Marvin Lewis isn’t happy about it.

“Jeremy thinks he needs to have ankle surgery,” Lewis said along Monday. “Yeah, I think I would be [surprised]. I think he’s consulted a couple doctors, both said that was something that could wait until following the season but he just felt enjoy it was causing too much discomfort.”

Hill hadn’t been on the Bengals’ injury article because he wasn’t experiencing ankle challenges to where he’d miss game time. That was Lewis’ key gripe.

“I don’t think he had any instance of [a problem] since this August when he rolled his ankle in training camp, or whatever it had been, training camp or warmups in a casino game – I can’t remember what it had been,” Lewis said. “One of those situations in the preseason. But that’s the only instance he’s possessed this fall.”

Lewis’ comments run into as shady at best. Not only is definitely he throwing his participant beneath the bus, but he’s disregarding his health in a 3-6 season that’s dropped at this point. You always hear persons discuss “business decisions” in sports activities, but when it boils down to players producing those decisions, there’s a dual standard.

Hill offers seen a lower role after the crew drafted Joe Mixon earlier this April. Mixon provides gotten the bulk of the bears with 107, in comparison to Hill’s 37 touches. He’s collection to be a free agent this offseason, and wouldn’t be doing himself any favors by putting off a surgery participating in for a 3-6 crew where he’s getting not as much touches.

Certainly not to mention the fact that it feels as though for the first time in his tenure with the Bengals that there’s a genuine threat of Lewis getting fired this offseason. It shouldn’t arrive as a shock that Lewis want every weapon offered by his disposal, particularly if something were to occur to Mixon.

Looking at the entire situation, Lewis’ comments on Hill will be self-serving and present the NFL’s double normal on who could make “business decisions” without blowback.

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