NY to LeBron James: ‘May you not?’

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers visited New York on Monday and … it had been a whole lot. LeBron slithered out of controversy by ripping up Phil Jackson, he clowned Enes Kanter, he induced a meme on the subway, he got into a scuffle with Frank Ntilikina and by expansion Enes Kanter, he got booed by Madison Square Garden, he watched his team trail by 15 to the Knicks in the 4th quarter, he led a comeback, he hit the get-forward three over Kristaps Porzingis for the get, he continuing his beef with Enes Kanter following the video game, he got in one even more shot at Phil Jackson, and he sparked another round of Arthur memes from his teammates.

All in a good day’s work.

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Scores Galore …

SAC 92, WAS 110

CLE 104, NYK 101

MEM 103, MIL 110

ATL 105, NOP 106

LAL 100, PHX 93

MIN 109, UTA 98

DEN 82, POR 99

ORL 100, GSW 110

PHI 109, LAC 105


I have seven reasons the Jazz are found in deep trouble given that Rudy Gobert has gone out 4-6 weeks.

Just how great is Jayson Tatum? He’d get the clubhouse head for Rookie of the Year if certainly not for Ben Simmons. Speaking of which …

Ben Simmons dunk get together in L.A.!

Joel Embiid was found in rare form during and after the Sixers’ gain against the Clippers. He previously 32 and 16. He trolled the masses after DeAndre Jordan fouled out. And he forgot poor Willie Reed’s name.

Kristaps Porzingis wore a good weird hat. We’ve some alternatives.

Look, the problem that the Bulls possess put Nikola Mirotic found in is straight-up ridiculous. Bobby Portis provides been again from suspension for a couple days nowadays. Mirotic is now on the practice court after Portis caved his encounter in. The Bulls happen to be essentially telling Mirotic to suck it up and package. I trust the reporting that both celebrations instigated the dispute that resulted in the sucker punch … but only 1 person swung. The victim of this punch shouldn’t be kept to suck it up if they are both again at work a few weeks later. That is unreal.

I just want to be in the first car of the Kevon Looney Hype Teach.

Nicolas Batum back!

Up next: light timetable with just three games on Tuesday, including Celtics-Nets on NBA Television set (7:30 p.m. ET).

Be excellent to one another.

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