Paulinho explains how Messi convinced him to become listed on Barcelona

Paulinho has explained how Lionel Messi convinced him to become listed on Barcelona and says it was during a global friendly between Brazil and Argentina found in Australia.

Both teams met in Melbourne in June and Paulinho says through the game, Messi told him to move to the Camp Nou.

“Willian and I were getting into location to take a free of charge kick” he stated. “I was nearer to the ball nonetheless it was Willian that was going to have it. Messi was further away. “When Willian got into location to kick the ball I stayed behind and he [Messi] came going for walks towards me and stated, “Arrive to Barcelona.” I looked at him and said, “If you would like to have me, I’ll get.” Source | Globoesporte

Paulinho as well says that Neymar played a part found in him opting to move to Barcelona from Guangzhou Evergrande found in a €40 million package.

“When the talks with Barca had been going on, Neymar explained to come right here and stated that I’d be happy right here and I would like it,” he stated “He expressed encouragement in order that my signing would be completed. He really helped me to arrive here and even though he finished up leaving, he explained that I’d be content at Barca.”

Despite all the criticism that greeted his arrival, Paulinho already appears to have silenced most of his doubters with three goals previously this season.

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