Roy Moore, Christocrat

(RNS) – Ex – Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, that state’s controversial Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate, includes a long record as a spiritual right zealot.

Moore has been suspended twice from the state Supreme Court, for refusing to remove a 10 Commandments statue from state grounds and for refusing to obey the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing same-sex marriages.

Due to his beliefs and actions, Moore has been labeled a good theocrat. But I favor a different and extra precise term – “Christocrat” – to describe Moore and additional politicians who share equivalent views.

A Christocrat believes America was once “the shining city on the hill” but has in recent years lost its moral, political, cultural and spiritual moorings.

Christocrats believe a good radical transformation is necessary for america to satisfy its God-ordained “manifest destiny” and be saved from the evil secular humanists who also look for to destroy “Christian America.”

A Christocrat distrusts the people and leaders of urban America and is threatened by the rapid demographic alterations taking place throughout the U.S. Christocrats idealize the “purity” of our nation’s rural areas whose residents happen to be overwhelmingly light Christians. A central Christocratic belief can be that God’s laws (of training as Christocrats define them) represent the best authority in a Christian America.

Many Christocrats are willing to sacrifice historic American freedoms and legal rights for a larger good: God’s program as revealed to Christocratic leaders who alone have the spiritual and political credentials to define and enforce what’s great and godly for America.

For Christocrats, the sovereignty of God transcends the supremacy of the Constitution. People who do not talk about this view are frequently tarred with two epithets: anti-faith and anti-Christian.

Christocrat enemies contain elitist globalists and the United Nations, two powerful adversaries that, they believe that, look for control of American society. To combat these twin evil forces, nothing significantly less than a total political, cultural and spiritual change within our country will suffice. And in addition, the Christocratic “diagnosis” comes at a time when america population is significantly multireligious, multiracial and multiethnic.

Christocrats look for control of all areas of American world. Once that target is achieved, a Christian republic will end up being established, a political reality far not the same as anything ever noticed before in the history of america. In such a society, Christocratic spiritual and political leaders would become America’s authentic guardians, and a fresh Christocratic party would guideline the country.

What are the specific targets of a good Christocratic revolution?

Sexual behavior heads the list. Obsessed by what occurs in America’s bedrooms, Christocrats seek to single out and punish LGBTQ people. In their eyes, a recent Supreme Court ruling which makes same-sex marriages legal – Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) – must be overturned.

Another goal may be the dismantling of “government colleges,” the derisive term for America’s public colleges, and their replacement with publicly funded “Christian academies.” Christocrats oppose the teaching of evolution plus they look for the removal from institution libraries of textbooks and additional teaching material they deem “anti-religious.” Lately, a Biloxi, Miss., institution district taken off Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird” from an eighth-grade reading list because the basic novel “makes people uncomfortable.”

A major target is abortion. EASILY could awaken Christocrats at 3 a.m. and have them: “What’s the most pressing domestic issue in America today?” I know the immediate, albeit groggy, answer will be “Give up all abortions!” For Christocrats, the never-ending fight to ban legal abortions can be their Gettysburg, the turning point in the war they happen to be waging. It really is their overriding passion and for them, a combat to the finish.

Another target may be the courtroom. There can be an unceasing campaign to remove “liberal judicial activists” from the bench and replace them with jurists who reflect Christocratic legal views.

Court decisions would need to pass a spiritual test, including such inquiries as “Is the law in line with ‘traditional Christian biblical principles’?” If Christocrats may place enough like-minded judges in the nation’s complex court system, the effort to impose a good Christocratic agenda after the country will not be so dependent after sometimes-unpredictable judicial election outcomes. Packing the courts with Christocratic-leaning judges is vital.

A chief target may be the media. Christocrats have recently established their own printing, electronic and social press platforms that happen to be hostile to “one worlders,” “globalization,” “cosmopolitans” and “coastal elites.” Primary targets contain NPR and PBS.

Public libraries are also on the Christocrats’ hit list. Because they understand the need for general public libraries, Christocrats’ target is to get control of them by declaring libraries foster universalism and offer anti-Christian reading and teaching environments.

If local library boards and staffs can be cowed into submission, Christocrats can then training authority over acquisitions and the hiring of professional personnel.

Another target is general public space. Christocrats have mounted strong efforts, like Moore’s, to dominate the general public square. The intent can be to weaken the First Amendment’s guarantee of spiritual liberty, destroy the traditional wall of church-communicate separation and build their type of Christianity as “America’s faith.”

Christocrats have got publicly repeated their objective to permanently modification America. Their campaign is there for all to check out. We have been warned.

Caveat emptor!

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