Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ IS HERE. Let’s Discuss.


The Popcast is hosted by Jon Caramanica, a pop music critic for THE BRAND NEW York Times. It addresses the latest in pop music criticism, trends and news.

When Taylor Swift released “Reputation” about Friday, she returned much less the pop outsider she was previously – or once played – but as just about the most well-noted and influential pop artists on earth.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ Has Arrived. Let’s Discuss.

Previously, she’s always stood aside from her superstar peers with her proprietary (and shifting) blend of country and pop. But on her sixth album, she decides to play a different video game: producing pop music that immediately competes with all of those other dominant players of your day, a potentially fraught choice. Initial revenue numbers, however, were remarkable: 925,000 copies offered in just three days, of which just 600,000 were digital downloads (the entire album is not on streaming services – yet).

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Following previous week’s pregame analysis, on this week’s Popcast THE BRAND NEW York Moments pop music crew – Mr. Caramanica, the pop music editor Caryn Ganz, the chief pop music critic Jon Pareles, and the pop music reporter Joe Coscarelli – reconvenes after listening to “Status” for a postgame dissection of the album, including a segment for listener questions.

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