The Disrespectful Things Trump DID To Dark People Since Getting In Office

Actually in light of many killings of unarmed Dark people at the hands of law enforcement, Trump tells police not to be “too nice.” Granted, this is said in the context of arresting gang users, it show a comprehensive lack of tact, if certainly not disregard for the existing express of relations between the police and the Dark community.

What he’s saying about these luminaries, particularly Frederick Douglass , is similar to when the teacher calls on you, and you try to talk as if you know the answer. Trump should’ve completed his homework upon this one.

On the top, calling a presidential ending up in the heads of historically black colleges/universities aroud the U.S. can be an act worth praise. But in actuality, some of the institutions leaders feel this is nothing more than a gesture with no weight or value.

It’s almost unbelieveable, like Trump provides always had a few way too many drinks, and will say the most disrespectful factor that comes to head. This comment was in response to NFL playing kneeling through the National Anthem in protest against police brutality. Completely tasteless commentary.

These instances don’t even commence to count every disrespectful thing Trump has done to the Dark community in his life span. Luckily, Robin Thede spits some super hot fire and undergoes a full chronology of the the cases of his disrespect. Check it out in the training video above.

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