The entire 2017 Cam Newton hat rankings

Cam Newton is the foremost steampunk quarterback in the NFL. His bold appears are nothing brand-new, but 2017 has been the Year of the Hat for the Panthers QB. As such, I, a guy with no fashion feeling, will rank Cam’s hats.

No. 9: This dark brown hat

It’s an excellent hat, but not a particular hat. If Cam was 14 feet tall and had a huge mind this would be a good old-timey hat with a “PRESS” card in the brim.

No. 8: This tan hat

I love that the light color of the hat really shows off the pronounced hat dimples. It’s a slightly extra showy hat.

No. 7: This dark-colored hat with paint drips

This hat might deserve an increased ranking. It’s really quite a very good hat, and I love the juxtaposition of the hat’s formality with the haphazard paint drips.

No. 6: This dark-colored hat with blue producing and a feather

I like a good hat with a note. Cam only put “C1N” on the hat, which is apparent a mention of himself. I believe it had been a missed opportunity. I’d have put “HONK IF YOU VALUE COOKIES” on the hat. It’s a fun thing everyone could be a part of.

No. 5: This shiny dark-colored hat with a feather

I love the sheen of this hat. It’s such as a tuxedo hat. It’s a hat that wants to visit the opera.

No. 4: This slouchy hat with tassels

This “Upscale Gilligan” look is really nice. I love those tassles. This can be a kind of hat that appears good on a angling trip, or the reddish carpet. A multi-employ hat for all periods. It’s not flashy, but it doesn’t should be.

No. 3: This hat with little pink hats and a family photo on it

I’m still torn whether they are pink birds or pink hats, but I hope it’s hats on hats on hats. The family members photo is a good touch and appears interchangeable. This can be a hat that says “hey, I love hats.”

No. 2: This puffy hat

This hat is so dissimilar to the other hats that it gets a bump purely when you are different. It’s likewise a good hat. I enjoy the ode to Huggy Bear. There aren’t various outfits this hat works with, but Cam found an excellent one.

No 1: This tall light hat with gold tassels and a good feather

UNDERSTAND THIS HAT!!! Everything concerning this hat is usually speaking my vocabulary. It’s stylish, it’s debonair, it tops off a look that says “I will harvest your organs for sale on the black marketplace.” If Hannibal Lector enjoyed hats he’d possess his haberdasher make this.

I want this hat. I could never accomplish this hat. Good hat.

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