The four drivers who’ll race for the NASCAR Glass Series championship at Homestead

Brad Keselowski won his first of all Cup Series championship found in 2012. Kevin Harvick gained his first in 2014, while Kyle Busch gained his first the following year. These three previous title holders make up three-fourths of the contenders in Sunday’s championship final at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Yet it is the one finalist who’s hardly ever won a name, Martin Truex Jr., that Keselowski, Harvick, and Busch each believes may be the clear preferred. The Household furniture Row Racing driver features been the standard barrier throughout the season, leading every main statistically category and his speed on intermediate sized speedways, like Homestead, is especially overpowering with six of his seven victories having seriously mile-and-a-half-tracks.

The role of favorite is not something Truex shies away from, instead he embraces the chance of being the driver everybody else is chasing. That is his second time qualifying for the Final Four and when he did hence in 2015 he was the determined underdog, which finally bared out on the track. He completed fourth that season, with Busch narrowly defeating Harvick for the championship.

“If I’m the favourite, perfect, I love that,” Truex said. “I believe it’s a better position to maintain. I was the underdog before and I completed fourth. So bring it on.

“Personally i think like we’re in a lot better spot as a good team than we were the first time we had a go at it. We’re going to go out there and merely do the best job we are able to do. I’ve acquired a whole lot of confidence in our team at the moment and what we’re performing.”

But while Truex might have the perceived edge, the best-finish-wins-the-championship format opens the door for any of the finalists to drive apart with the Cup Series crown Sunday evening. Here’s a break down of their possibilities and what each needs to do to leave South Florida with the hardware.

Kyle Busch

Team: Zero. 18 Joe Gibbs Racing

Manufacturer: Toyota

Regular season wins: 2

Playoff wins: 3

Best Homestead finish: Primary (2015)

Homestead average finish: 19.8 (12 starts)

Why he could gain: Busch and Joe Gibbs Racing have been the only workforce to consistently problem Truex and FRR. Also aiding Busch’s cause has been four heavyweights in the finals the spotlight will come to be spread out similarly, lessening the pressure the No. 18 workforce will feel to succeed a second title in three years.

Why he could lose: Keeping speed with Truex is a very important factor, actually beating him is a complete different beast. Even though Busch has been solid on intermediate tracks, Truex’s six wins underscores the speed disparity between their particular teams.

Kevin Harvick

Team: Zero. 4 Stewart-Haas Racing

Manufacturer: Ford

Regular season wins: 1

Playoff wins: 1

Best Homestead finish: Primary (2014)

Homestead average finish: 6.9 (16 starts)

Why he could gain: In a possible sign that Truex’s mile-and-a-50 percent dominance may be waning, Harvick ran him down, then passed him, to gain at Texas Motor Speedway fourteen days ago. Maybe it had been a one-time occurrence, nonetheless it undoubtedly indicates that Stewart-Haas Racing possesses the necessary speed on to defeat the Toyotas and that Truex isn’t invincible. Not being the favorite can be role that fits Harvick, who is at his very best when backed into a corner.

Why he could lose: Does one gain on a Texas track with vastly different attributes than Homestead truly indicate the pendulum has shifted in favor of Harvick and SHR? Ford has improved, but Toyota remains the top manufacturer.

Brad Keselowski

Team: No. 2 Workforce Penske

Manufacturer: Ford

Regular season wins: 2

Playoff wins: 1

Best Homestead finish: Third (Twice)

Homestead average finish: 15.9 (nine starts)

Why he could gain: Crew chief Paul Wolfe is one of the better strategists in the garage area and with Penske’s intermediate track program not on a single level compared to the other three groups, this allows him to employ aggressive and outside-the-box tactics. And just as Jimmie Johnson demonstrated last year, putting yourself constantly in place to capitalize others’ mistakes can conquer a performance disadvantage.

Why he could lose: If you need other folks to stumble to provide you with an acceptable shot, that speaks volumes about how good your possibilities were to begin with.

Martin Truex Jr.

Team: No. 78 Household furniture Row Racing

Manufacturer: Toyota

Regular season wins: 4

Playoff wins: 3

Best Homestead finish: Second (2006)

Homestead average finish: 12.3 (12 starts)

Why he could gain: The very best driver, crew chief and workforce this season are motivated to cap off what is a exceptional 2017. That the championship is decided on a 1.5-mile track provides even more advantage, placing Truex in the catbird seat where the title is his to win or lose.

Why he could lose: Harvick showed Truex could be beaten straight up. FRR has also a tendency never to always have the sharpest execution, which in this format and against three opponents who thrive on pouncing options when provided, could spell doom.

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