Try Not To Cringe While Watching Iggy Azalea Fall Down A COUPLE OF Steps Onstage

Especially due to the fact, in the next time since 2014 , the Australia native took a tumble along stage walking down just two steps.

At this point, it’s safe to say (and suggest) that Iggy Azalea’s investment in a few stage-friendly footwear would save her a handful of bruises – and embarrassing occasions.

Hollywood Life reviews that Azalea was undertaking in the Fauna Primavera event in Chile when the blunder happened. In the video recording, she’s found with thigh-high stiletto shoes or boots on as she would make her way down the steps. After that second step, even so, she had taken a plunge directly into the ground and the masses reacted accordingly.

She quickly recuperated and finished her set, so far as the video shows. But her doubling over right after the fall and seemingly impromptu sitdown at the advantage of the level may mean a quick look over for any possible bruises. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like anything too significant, though.

Find Iggy Azalea’s not-so-fancy stumble in the video below.

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