Twitter Is Mercilessly Going In On Chrisette Michele ON HER BEHALF ‘Black Lives Matter’ Song

It’s been nearly an entire year since Dark Twitter traded R&B songstress Chrisette Michele for practically any sort of other woke Light artist soon after she stood ahead of the entire nation to offer up her vocals in Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration.

In a whirlwind of back-and-forths amid the controversy, she primary defended her decision but later revealed the personal damage it caused. Nowadays, Michele is certainly returning with a politically billed ballad with a title that’s sure to turn heads after all the fuss: “Black Lives Matter.”

The organ-heavy track features Michele’s soulful vocals and newfound testaments on Dark lives, racism and oppression.

“Racism is loud and sharp/What’s the hurt found in hearing my fear?” she croons. “Doesn’t mean I don’t see your discomfort, it just means we’re individual the same/If I matter, hold up the signal/Declare it with me, determine.”

But no matter just how much of new leaf she’s turned over toward her apparently new stance on competition relations in America, Black Twitter isn’t investing in it – neither the single (which is “now available everywhere music is sold”) nor a fresh Black card for Michele.

Pay attention to her “Dark Lives Matter” peace treaty underneath and what Dark Twitter had to say about it.

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