Two of the world’s largest yellow diamonds up for sale

Two of the most significant yellow diamonds ever offered on the market will be hitting the auction block in Geneva this Wednesday.

The pair of rocks, called the Donnersmarck Diamonds, total more than 185 carats as soon as belonged to French nobility.

They are the main assortment of La Paiva, a 17th-century French courtesan turned countess, who was well known on her behalf vast assortment of fine jewels.

“Count Guido [Henckel] von Donnersmarck bought these magnificent diamonds in 1882 for the love of his existence, La Paiva,” said Brett O’Connor of Sotheby’s.

That royal provenance, plus their size and specific hue, has Sotheby’s projecting the fancy powerful yellowish diamonds will fetch from $9 million to $14 million.

The jewels are a number of the biggest and brightest within their classification, with the bigger of the two weighing in at 102.54 carats and the smaller at 82.47 carats.

“They’re extremely charming,” said O’Connor. “And the take pleasure in story linked with them is fairly unique.”

The stones will be showcased among various other gems of notable historic provenance at Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale in Geneva on Nov. 15.

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