Vice President Mike Pence price police over $14,000 with political stunt at Colts game

Vice President Mike Pence’s stunt at a Colts game where he left knowing 49ers players will be kneeling for the national anthem finished up costing the Indiana Metropolitan Police Department more than $14,000, according to HuffPost.

In Week 5, fourteen days after President Donald Trump made his infamous comments where he referred to players who kneeled during the national anthem “sons of bitches,” Pence attended a Colts video game. The 49ers – who started the protesting around the group in 2016, spearheaded by Colin Kaepernick – had been the visiting team.

After the playing of the national anthem, Pence left the overall game. In a string of tweets, he expressed why he remaining the overall game, which was as a result of the protests that he claimed to get disrespectful to the united states, soldiers, and flag.

But he as well had a prepared statement within minutes:

We stand with @POTUS Trump, I stand with our soldiers, and I will always are a symbol of our Flag and our National Anthem. – Vice President Mike Pence (@VP) October 8, 2017

Later on in the afternoon, President Trump tweeted that he particularly asked Pence to leave if players kneeled out of “disrespect to the united states.”

The entire thing was a mess, a poorly executed political stunt. The Colts had been honoring Peyton Manning after an illustrious profession with the workforce, and the main takeaways from the whole afternoon were Pence’s false actions.

That’s not to mention the hassle that Pence also place enthusiasts through, who had to undergo additional protection clearances to even get into Lucas Oil Stadium.

Colts fans were put through additional protection delays today. Because VP Mike Pence was below. For just one series. – Gregg Doyel (@GreggDoyelStar) October 8, 2017

And then, of training, it wasn’t a cheap trip:

A good C32 (AF2) costs $42,936/hour. Pence flew 2.5 hours from Vegas to Indianapolis and then flew back again to LA – Kevin Liptak (@Kevinliptakcnn) October 8, 2017

To review:

He cost police over $14,000.

Made fans wait more time to get into the stadium.

Flew 2.5 time at practically $43,000 an hour.

And he did all that, only to leave early in the first quarter himself.

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