Watch This Plus-Size Splendor Slay This Dance Work out Like a Pro

While some of us are still struggling to get our minds right to hit the fitness center, this celebrity cosmetic artist is certainly going viral as she dances off the pounds !

How did plus-size beauty Brandi E. proceed viral with over 200K opinions? Everything started when she posted on her Instagram showing off her flawless dance movements taught by Dwight Holt a.k.a Mr. Dance Your Pounds Off.

The video quickly began showing up on everyone’s timelines and people quickly fell in love with her dedication, dynamic stamina and awesome flexibility. In addition to being a MUA, Brandi is also a Dance Your Pounds Off instructor herself and was as well a contestant on season 4 of ABC’s Great Weight Damage. She’s lost a significant amount of weight since the show and features some loose skin to show from all her hard work, but that doesn’t end her from throwing a sports bra and hitting this routine flawlessly.

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