What Makes AN EXCELLENT Album Last?

What Makes A Great Album Last?

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The growing season of list-making, particularly (for all of us) lists about the year’s best music, is rapidly descending. But prior to the craziness commences over who got the best album or track in 2017, we thought we’d look again at some of our previous top-ten lists to look at if they even hold up. Obviously, some albums we once thought were superb have since dropped their luster, while some haven’t aged a working day.

This got us wondering: Why? And what, accurately, makes an excellent album previous? When an album doesn’t stand the check of time does it mean we missed something the very first time we been told it, years earlier? Or could it simply exist in a particular time and place?

Upon this edition of this program, we’re joined by NPR Music’s Stephen Thompson and Marissa Lorusso to glimpse back at a number of the albums we’ve loved over the decades, to relive that which was great about them… and wince at the kinds that haven’t organized as well.

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