WHAT’S the Uranium One Deal and Why Does the Trump Administration Care Thus Much?

How come Mr. Trump care about the Uranium One offer?

Mr. Trump is discouraged with the continuing investigations into Russia’s election meddling and feasible ties to his plan. Last month the unique counsel announced the initial charges against Trump plan aides.

The president has said the Justice Department should instead be investigating Mrs. Clinton’s involvement in the Uranium One offer and donations to her family’s charitable foundation.

“Uranium offer to Russia, with Clinton help and NATIONAL GOVERNMENT knowledge, may be the biggest story that Fake Media doesn’t want to check out!” Mr. Trump wrote in a Twitter post on Oct. 19.

His request has triggered a political backlash and breaks with longstanding norms established after Watergate.

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Why are we revisiting the deal now, seven years soon after?

On Monday, the Justice Section told Congress that it was looking into whether to appoint a special counsel to investigate Mrs. Clinton and the Uranium One deal. Before this year, the department appointed a special counsel, the past F.B.I. director Robert S. Mueller III, to dominate the government’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and the feasible involvement of Trump plan aides.

Some Republicans have also called for investigations in to the Uranium One offer, including Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Representative Bob Goodlatte of Virginia – both chairmen of congressional committees that oversee the Justice Section. The Justice Department’s letter on Monday was in response to Mr. Goodlatte’s requests.

Mr. Goodlatte’s committee and the House oversight committee are already conducting their unique investigations in to the Uranium One decision.

On Oct. 24, Mr. Grassley wrote in a Twitter post, “Whoever in DOJ is usually able w authority to appoint a special counsel shld do hence to investigate Uranium One ‘whoever’ means if u aren’t recused.”

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In October, articles in The Hill reported that the F.B.I. have been looking into evidence around the time of the Uranium One offer that Russians were giving bribes to expand their energy interests in the usa. Mr. Mueller was the F.B.I. director at the time.

“I believe the uranium sales to Russia and the way it was done – as a result underhanded, with tremendous amounts of funds being passed – I in fact guess that’s Watergate, modern age,” Mr. Trump told reporters on Oct. 25.

Is there anything to the?

There has been simply no evidence that donations to the Clinton Foundation influenced the Uranium One deal.

Mrs. Clinton’s plan spokesman, Brian Fallon, offers said ideas they did had been “baseless.”

In 2015 the F.B.I., at several of its field office buildings, opened preliminary investigations in to the Clinton Foundation. Brokers wanted to pursue a wider investigation and conduct interviews and obtain subpoenas. The F.B.I. eventually consolidated the cases at its headquarters. Former officials said that job general public corruption prosecutors in Washington concluded there was not enough evidence to move forward with a case.

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