XXXTENTACION Dragged Cardi B Into His Beef With Migos Immediately after Alleged Physical Altercation

Quavo , Offset and Takeoff include remained mum on the Florida rapper’s claims and Instagram shots at them so far. Among those shots, however, is especially concerning due to the fact it’s getting aimed in “Bodak Yellowish” breakout starlet and Offset’s fresh fiancée Cardi B’s court.

XXXTENTACION is apparently not finished with Migos after claiming that the Atlanta trap trio jumped him and posting footage of the alleged altercation’s aftermath on Mon (November 13).

In the now-deleted content, the “Appear At Me!” rapper posted a good headshot of Cardi with a good flirty message in the caption for the Bronx femcee.

“Just letting u be aware of [right now] bae…I don’t got simply no pressure [with you]…,” he wrote. “I bump bodak orange when I shower…I love u.”

Understanding him, it’s not clear whether that was a shoutout to XXX’s Floridian hip-hop peer Kodak Black, who hopped upon a “Bodak Yellow” remix (alternatively titled “Bodak Orange”) or whether he was poking by the No. 1 Billboard single.

Either way it goes, we only hope XXX not only avoids another run-on with Migos, but steers clear of Offset after this one.

See his message to the near future Mrs. Offset in the content below.

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