5 things for November 15: California shootings, Zimbabwe, same-sex marriage

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1. California shootings

Four persons were killed and at least 10 wounded in some shootings in Northern California, but it might have been worse than that.

Police say a man, possibly triggered by a good dispute with a good neighbor, went to seven different locations in Tehama County, firing on persons at random.

One of those spots was an elementary university, where in fact the man — whose brand has not yet been released — walked onto university grounds and fired through home windows and walls with a good rifle. But the university was on lockdown and the doors were locked. After six mins, the gunman remaining. He was later killed by police.

2. Politics

Attorney General Jeff Sessions couldn’t recall lots of things during his contentious appearance before the Home Judiciary Committee, as he again answered lawmakers’ issues about possible ties between your Trump marketing campaign and Russia.

But he did say that, because of media reports, he now remembers a meeting with marketing campaign aide George Papadopoulos that he had previously said he couldn’t recall. However, Sessions doesn’t remember that which was explained at the meeting, other than him informing Papadopoulos he wasn’t authorized to speak to the Russians.

3. Zimbabwe

Is Robert Mugabe in charge in Zimbabwe, or has the 93-year-classic President been overthrown in a military coup?

Soldiers are actually patrolling the roads; a military spokesman explained Mugabe and his family members are “safe.” Still, Mugabe’s exact whereabouts remain unidentified to the public.

Tensions in the country have been high since Mugabe dismissed his vice president, in a approach seen by many for Mugabe to appoint his wife to the positioning. That would set her in the driver’s seat to succeed him as the country’s leader.

4. Australia

Australians overwhelming OK’d a good same-sex marriage measure, however the vote was nonbinding, so it is up to Australian lawmakers to turn that into law. Australians voted 61.6% to 38.4% to change the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples. Nonetheless it will take a alter to the country’s Marriage Act to make same-sex marriage the law of the land. Primary Minister Malcolm Turnbull is pushing to make that happen by Xmas, but conservative lawmakers could stall the process, as they’re likely to push for spiritual protections in the bill.

5. A letter to humanity

We’ve been warned. More than 16,000 researchers from 184 countries penned a letter to humanity informing us to fix Earth’s environmental concerns before it’s too later. The letter, posted in the journal BioScience, says if we don’t start producing significant changes to our behavior, the earth will sustain “substantial and irreversible” damage. The letter operates down all the standard suspects: climate change, “lifeless zones” in the oceans, threats to fresh drinking water and forests, the extinction of some family pets and unsustainable population development.


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This tiny little car runs on hydrogen and spits out water. Therefore the environment is saved, right?

Oh, baby!

A Gold Superstar widow chose Veterans Working day to reveal the gender of her baby, with a little help from her later husband’s fellow servicemen.


“We have a neighborhood which has been held hostage.”

Tampa, Florida, Mayor Bob Buckhorn, after a 60-year-old man was shot and killed in the city’s Seminole Heights community — the fourth unsolved killing in the area in the past month. Police say the slayings are actually related.


1 million

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