Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez: ‘The most beautiful racing boats ever built’

Tale highlights Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez visits French Riviera each year

Classic race boats take to the water

Some are over 100 years old

(CNN) America’s Glass boats are admittedly one of the most impressive devices in sport and skippering one has been likened to piloting a fighter jet or driving a Method One car. This is a activity left to “superhuman” athletes.

But there are times when modernity isn’t everything.

Welcome to Les Voiles de St. Tropez, an twelve-monthly regatta on the French Riviera that celebrates traditional competition boats from a bygone period, showcasing one of the most exquisite boats ever made.

A fairly more sedate day at Les Voile de St Tropez – Special competition onboard the 40m Fife designed 1928 Cambria. @cnnsport pic.twitter.com/mmQtSs6ZZt – Shirley Robertson (@Shirleysail) October 4, 2017

When viewed alongside today’s America’s Glass, this competition may appear to be a different sport entirely. Polished wood and brass adorn the interiors of the yachts, and chunky ropes carry large, cream-colored sails in place.

But these beautiful boats — 26 of which were built over a century ago — once competed in the America’s Cup and the Olympic Games.

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