North Korean defector about life support just after being shot five times

History highlights Soldier’s defection may be the third by an associate of the North Korean armed service this year

Man’s ex – comrades shot in him as he ran across the border under a hail of bullets

Seoul (CNN) A North Korean soldier who staged a daring break over the demilitarized zone (DMZ) into South Korea is on existence support after almost two days of surgery.

According to a detailed bank account of the soldier’s treatment, released by doctors Wednesday, the man was shot five times — in his buttocks, both hands, back, and knee — seeing that he ran into South Korea underneath a hail of bullets via his former comrades.

The UN Command in South Korea said the soldier drove a vehicle close to the military demarcation range, the de facto border between the countries, and “exited the automobile and continuing fleeing south over the range as he was fired after by other soldiers from North Korea.”

More than 40 bullets were fired in the soldier, from pistols and an AK-47, South Korea’s military said. South Korean troops didn’t return fire.

Intensive surgery

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