This Tax Bill Is Now a Health Care Bill


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Republican leaders in the Senate somehow had a need to find a supplementary few hundred billion dollars.

They had a need to find that money because they want to cut taxes on the wealthy – and cut them deeply. By the time the Senate leaders had finished coming up with all of their top-end taxes cuts last week, their bill was projected to expense more than the House had previously committed to spending.

So how could the Senate resolve its shortfall?

One option would have been to cut taxes just a little less for the wealthy. That is not the option the Senate leaders chose.

Instead, they said yesterday that they would be eliminating the average person mandate – the federal rule, in the Affordable Care and attention Act, that requires people to have health insurance or pay for a fine. The politics of scrapping the mandate include always been tempting. Many people don’t like being necessary to buy anything.

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But health economists believe the mandate to make a difference. Without it, more people will choose to risk not having insurance. Others won’t possibly realize they are eligible for Medicaid or federally subsidized insurance policies, because they won’t be nudged to consider a plan.

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