Trump’s ‘disruptive’ leadership unlikely to block the way of taxes reform, ex-House GOP head Eric Cantor says

President Donald Trump will probably score his first major legislative victory with taxes reform, former Residence GOP Majority Head Eric Cantor said Wednesday.

Cantor said that even though America boasts the most significant economy in the world, Washington was first yet to come quickly to terms with a “very conventional” and “disruptive” leader.

“You will find a much greater than 50 percent chance that taxes reform will happen… the U.S. must stay competitive in this disruptive environment,” he said at the Abu Dhabi International Exhibition Petroleum Conference (ADIPEC).

Residence Republicans are poised to vote on the tax reform expenses on Thursday, hoping to secure the most concrete step yet toward overhauling the American taxes system.

GOP leaders believe they can pass the expenses this week, despite lingering resistance from some Republicans. Trump is expected to become a member of lawmakers on Capitol Hill on Thursday in order to reaffirm the case for taxes cuts shortly prior to the vote.

Key sticking points in making the final legislation include the treatment of express and local taxes deductions and raising more than enough revenue to create up for the taxes cuts.

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