Well hey all, elite NBA Draft potential customers!

One month in to the season, there already are five teams that may kiss any kind of playoff chase goodbye: the Hawks, Bulls, Mavericks, Kings, and Suns. For the next five months, hardcore followers of these clubs will be paying close to focus on non-NBA games various nights of the season as the drool-worthy 2018 NBA Draft class comes into focus.

In respect of this and in honor of college basketball’s returning, Ricky O’Donnell has a brand-new mock draft. A new player outside of the college or university basketball industrial complex — Luka Doncic — is usually No. 1, but the remaining lottery is filled up with domestic leads spending their evenings on ESPN and various other NCAA broadcast partners. And here’s Matt Ellentuck with the very best leads from Tuesday night’s Champions Vintage.

Presented the NBA’s draft lottery reform, which switches into effect up coming season, it will likely be interesting to see if anyone full-on tanks as the Suns do last year. There’s almost no downside (apart from continuous belittlement on Basketball Twitter, which you can gain for literally thousands of other reasons anyhow). The Bulls appear like a great candidate. Actually, the Bulls front office is so adept at disregarding usual behavior that they might just tank hard and say the team is fighting for its playoff life as well.

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Scores Galore …

BOS 109, BKN 102

TOR 129, HOU 113

SAS 97, DAL 91

… And So Much More

Stan Van Gundy on the patriotism of protesters. Read it.

Wonderful, smart report by Tim Cato on the science and training around landing safely while you are a basketball person who jumps very, high. This, even so, might ruin some players for me personally because I will cringe whenever they jump.

Paul Flannery on why the Celtics retain winning. The streak is usually up to 13. It will be tested on Thursday when the streaking Warriors — seven straight double-digit victories — visit Boston. Clear your routine.

Marc Spears digs deep in L.A.’s ideal rookie, Kyle Kuzma.

[extreme 1920s gumshoe voice] Avery Bradley wore No. 0 for the Celtics and he’s been missing layups this year. Right now Jayson Tatum is using No. 0 for the Celtics and he missed a layup!

Those UCLA freshmen caught allegedly shoplifting in China are home.

Save your valuable Frank Ntilikina slander.

Only DeMar DeRozan dapping up his invisible teammates.

That is a quite good LeBron piece from Howard Beck, but we should note for the record that Beck is indeed worried about the Cavaliers. Usually do not fall into this trap, friends!

Kyrie Irving ensures to thank the army service members sitting courtside.

The Rockets have amped up their three-point shooting rate even more. It’s working.

Meanwhile, Chris Paul might be back on Thursday.

It appears Rudy Gobert and Dion Waiters have beef over Gobert’s damage. The Starters broke down whether it was dirty.

Seriously, Joel Embiid visited town on the Clippers on Monday. You surprise how J.J. Redick sensed about it.

Mike Wise with a smart look at Patrick Ewing’s training tree, starring (amongst others) Pat Riley and Jeff Van Gundy.

The left wing stepback — aka the shot with which he beat the Knicks — is LeBron’s most deadly shot.

Whitney Medworth gets the definitive timeline of LeBron’s 24-hour NY takeover, capped off with King James posting that he’s, uh, the King of NY on Instagram.

Be excellent to each other.

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