Jailed Venezuelan opposition leader escapes house arrest, flees to Spain

Story highlights Ledezma have been under arrest since 2015

Venezuela is facing foodstuff and medicine shortages

(CNN) The former mayor of Caracas — who is a staunch opponent of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro — was welcomed Saturday in Madrid after escaping property arrest.

“I have the support from the Spanish government to remain in Spain provided that necessary, in addition to my children who are in this article, my wife, Mitzy, and my daughters, who are at my part,” Antonio Ledezma said.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy received Ledezma, a longtime Venezuelan opposition lawmaker, and his wife, Mitzy Capriles, on Saturday at Moncloa Palace.

Ledezma, 62, was elected mayor of Caracas found in 2008. He was arrested in February 2015, after Maduro accused him of involvement in a plot to overthrow the government. He was later introduced from jail and place under property arrest for health reasons.

Talking with journalists after his meeting with Rajoy, Ledezma vowed to continue fighting the Venezuelan President.

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