FDP member says there was ‘zero’ compromise found in German coalition talks

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party and the Greens didn’t compromise a sufficient amount of during coalition negotiations so in retrospect Germany has fallen into political instability, an associate of the FDP told CNBC Tuesday.

“If it turned out that way (with an increase of compromise), we’d probably have a several talk today,” Otto Fricke, an associate of the Federal Plank of the FDP told CNBC.

Media reports suggest that the liberal pro-business party have been offered a whole lot in talks but decided nonetheless to go out from the negotiations and send the united states into political turmoil.

“When you carry out ask the Christian Democrats and Greens, who we were speaking with, ‘So what does you offer us? Where does you make a compromise that was heading a way from your program towards our route?’ The concrete remedy is usually a zero. And that was the difficulty,” Fricke told CNBC.

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