‘I Have No Idea How exactly to Tell This Horror Story’

Hi John

Tks for replying. Uncertain, but the reality Stephen is deteriorating quickly, living on the street, has virtually zero support from NHL, and my romance with him had opted south. Along with his condition, he necessities professional help, as I would advise his mind place has truly gone off the rails. I made arrangements for him to remain at my brothers, and both brothers will be virtually handicap, but ended up being removed by the authorities for threats, etc. his mind leaves him lost at times. Confused, extreme, and I will be honest, he scares the shit out of me, and for that matter my brothers. It saddens me to seem to be helpless as Stephen offers accused me of interfering in his affairs. I have no idea how exactly to inform this horror storyline, but I am certain there are lots of living this nightmare. I am convinced that this may all turn out 1 day, but my biggest fear is my boy will not be around, as he even talks about suicide at times. every time I get an email or an unknown number calling me, about him, I fear the worst media. The legal program, and the medical program hear only wants to color him as a criminal or a medication addict. I’d suggest both may be the case, as his circumstance has pressured him to accomplish what ever it takes to relieve the pain, nervousness etc, from the headaches.

Once again, I am a standard one who loves hockey, but to see what the game has become, and the end result of the violence allowed on the subject of the ice. The most detrimental is the fact, that a lot of sports teams remain in the dark so far as recognizing the health risks associated with many sports activities. The rule book should be re:written.

At this time, I am at a loss of what to do, and who to carefully turn to for support. Many night, I lose many hours of sleeping, thinking of what will happen, and am I doing the proper thing. There are so many people who prefer to place a paper bag over their brain and ignore the reality that Stephen or so many players suffer from these accidents. But, the injuries simply don’t prevent there, as the emotional, economical, and in some cases, physical accidents suffered by members of the family. I am living the nightmare of the motion picture “Concussion”,

I honestly do not know where to take this, other that hold trying to tell the story, and maybe others won’t feel as a result lonely, like they are on a good deserted island.

He is so mad at me, that it has come to yelling at me, building threats, etc, seeing as really, I was/am the only person left in his existence trying to help, as many just look at him, as yet another person on the the street, and bum dumpster diving for food.

John, I am open to anything that may bring this into into the open, so people can easily see what hockey is breeding. And where many of it’s players end up. it really is so unfortunate that Stephen acquired his own cheering section in Washington, however now, many of his fans have finally idea or treatment what he’s doing.



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