GOP pollster’s tips to Republicans in 2018: ‘Be aggressive’

Tale highlights Pollster to Republicans: “Raise funds. Do opposition research. Test messages. Target key groupings. Start early.”

Washington (CNN) One Republican pollster has determined the only method his party can get up coming fall: Destroy every Democratic prospect in sight.

In a memo, attained by CNN’s Chris Cillizza , pollster Glen Bolger outlines nine ways Republicans can strengthen their odds of winning in 2018 — in fact it is seemingly not going to be easy.

“Make no mistake about any of it. Tuesday (Election Time) was not simply a bad night for Republicans in Virginia,” Bolger writes. “The GOP lost three condition legislative seats in Georgia unique elections kept in wealthy suburban districts, two seats on the Delaware County Council in suburban Philadelphia, the Westchester and Nassau County Executive races in NY, and circumstances senate unique election in Washington state that tipped the stability in that chamber back to the Democrats, along with other races around the country.”

As Cillizza has previously described, Republicans may be in deep difficulties in 2018 . And Bolger’s memo produces no doubts about the challenging environment for Republicans. He writes:

“Do not take a seat on a lead. Elections are rife with incumbents who polled, found a big early lead, and throttled down in the plan, and then be upset. Just because a challenger has little name ID now will not mean a huge lead will hold. That is no routine to rest on your incumbency.”

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