Jack Johnson On Community Cafe

Jack Johnson On Environment Cafe


Set List “My Mind Is ON THE MARKET”

“Big Sur”

“Sunsets For Somebody Else”

“Banana Pancakes”

“Do You Remember”

Jack Johnson offers been making persons smile since 2001. Well, probably before that, but that’s when his debut record came out. If you understand Jack for tunes like “Better Together,” “Upside Down,” “Banana Pancakes,” “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” … you may have the sense that is a good-vibes kind of guy. Precisely how “good vibes”? Well, get ready to find out.

Jack Johnson has a new record out called ALL OF THE Light Above It Too. We sat down to talk about it, notice Jack perform some of it and discuss some of his passions – like minimizing his carbon footprint and the quantity of plastic a touring musician generates. Johnson offers donated tens of huge amount of money to charitable corporations; he’s truly humble about both his achievement and his generosity. He as well walked into our studio wearing sandals – he flew in from Hawaii.

And love, love, love. You know how you can tell when someone actually loves the individual he’s discussing? That’s how Jack Johnson sounds when he talks about his college sweetheart, who is right now his wife and the mom of his children. Each of them are in Hawaii in the same town where Jack was raised surfing.

We’ll talk about all of that for Thankgsiving – be sure you save place for some banana pancakes after your turkey. Listen in the player above.

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