Tesla completes installing world’s most significant lithium ion battery

The world’s most significant lithium ion battery has been installed before a 100-day deadline set by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Authorities found in South Australia said Thursday that Tesla Powerpacks had been fully put in place and were linked to the Hornsdale Wind Farm. They added that the electric battery would be energized within the next few days. The wind farm, located north of Jamestown, is usually operated by French renewable strength firm Neoen.

In July, it had been announced that Tesla and Neoen had been awarded the contract for the task. Musk committed to deliver the electric battery within 100 days of the grid interconnection agreement becoming signed, or it would be free.

In a tweet, Musk expanded his congratulations to “the Tesla crew and South Australian authorities who worked so hard to get this created and installed in record time!”

Testing is currently due to start in order to ensure the electric battery is optimized and meets Australian Strength Industry Operator and South Australian Federal government requirements.

Earlier this year, authorities announced details of their energy approach. It aimed to deliver cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy to persons in South Australia. Part of the approach included building a massive electric battery to store renewable strength and offer “back-up power” as and when necessary.

“While others are simply talking, we are delivering our strength plan, building South Australia more self-sufficient, and providing back-up power and more affordable strength for South Australians this summer,” Jay Weatherhill, South Australia’s premier, said found in a statement Thursday.

“The world’s most significant lithium ion electric battery will be an essential part of our strength mix, and it sends the clearest message that South Australia is a leader renewable strength with battery storage space,” Weatherhill added.

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