Missouri vs. Arkansas: Razorbacks decline penalty named on Arkansas

We’ve noticed some egregious targeting penalties in university football, but this calls for the cake.

Arkansas LB Derrick Munson has been ejected for targeting.

Is this the virtually all blatant targeting penalty of the year? Great grief. pic.twitter.com/SHP468dpH6 – Dr. Saturday (@YahooDrSaturday) November 24, 2017

No subject what you think about the targeting penalty in general, that’s a hardcore play to see.

This is of targeting is clear here, which violates pretty much every qualification of the foul.

Launch-a participant leaving his toes to attack an opponent by an upward and forwards thrust of your body to make forcible call in the top or neck area A crouch followed by an upward and forwards thrust to attack with forcible call at the top or neck area, despite the fact that one or both toes are still on the floor Leading with helmet, shoulder, forearm, fist, hands or elbow to attack with forcible call at the top or neck area Reducing the top before attacking by initiating forcible connection with the crown of the helmet

However the adjudication of the foul was a whole other animal.

The refs have given Arkansas the ball at the 25. Arkansas was needed targeting and they stated Arkansas declined the penalty. Mizzou merely lost 12.5 yards. – Gabe DeArmond (@GabeDeArmond) November 24, 2017

Targeting known as against Arkansas about the kickoff to open up the second half. Participant is ejected, but officials come back and state the receiving team provides declined the penalty yards and will start at the 25. Problem is Arkansas was getting crew. https://t.co/sp8EPGFOXK – Trent Shadid (@Shadid13) November 24, 2017

Fundamentally, Arkansas declined a penalty on itself, per the refs? But despite the fortune, Arkansas wasn’t in a position to carry out anything with the ball and was forced to punt.

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