24-Year-Old Girl And Her Two Kids, Ages 5 And 3, Murdered In Their Home

A young mother and her two children in Arkansas were found dead Tuesday afternoon in what police earliest believed was a suicide. However, after further investigation, authorities claim the family members was murdered in a triple homicide and they are looking for additional information from the community.

Moriah Cunningham, 24, her three-year-old son Elijah Fisher and five-year-old girl Alayah Fisher were found at their apartment complex in Little Rock. A relative found out the three when the children weren’t seen at school. Following the discovery, the Little Rock Police Division questioned relatives and neighbors about the case, reported THV 11.

“We don’t know these individuals,” Officer Steve Moore told THV11 “Maybe somebody that lives here does indeed and will give us background. Background is what we want right now, to sort of discover, like I said, what’s been going on, who’s supposed to be there, who’s not supposed to be there; is there anything now that’s not really here that needs to be.”

So far, police have revealed Cunningham’s car had not been in its parking spot at the apartment complex when the bodies were found. On Wednesday, the Little Rock Police Department – by making use of the city – located the automobile on a different road. However, police possess not said if the car’s location could be connected to a conceivable suspect.

Neighbors who have spoke to the neighborhood news station said these were hopeful that police are successful within their search for the killer.

“I hope they catch him,” Darryl Jonson, a neighbor, told THV 11. “I don’t care who it really is. They want to appear. Whatever they have, they have to be punished for it.”

Moore said Tuesday afternoon that the division did not have any information release a about a suspect. He as well said the police division will be examining if the house complex’s security camera systems showed who was with Cunningham and her two children if they died. No recognized cause of loss of life has been reported.

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