5 noteworthy moments from Kellyanne Conway’s ‘New Day’ appearance

(CNN) Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway defended some of her boss’ latest decisions Wednesday, saying President Donald Trump “has tremendous moral benchmarks.”

Listed below are five of the standout occasions from her interview with “New Evening” anchor Chris Cuomo.

1. During a back-and-forth on Trump’s endorsement of Alabama Senate applicant Roy Moore, Conway taken care of immediately questioning from Cuomo about whether Trump’s posture is one of “political pragmatism” by expressing, “The President has incredible moral benchmarks.” She said the White Property and Trump get the allegations that Moore pursued sexual relationships with teenage young ladies when he was in his 30s “troubling,” but remarked that the alleged incidents occurred decades ago.

She outlined the President’s past statements, saying, “Nobody came frontward before. The guy’s been on the ballot often.”

Conway said Trump’s reasoning for backing the accused gentleman is that he “doesn’t want a good liberal Democrat representing Alabama in the United States Senate.”

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