Amazon Alexa customers buy more

Amazon’s Alexa voice technology is helping customer brands sell more, according to a recently available study, underscoring its probable as a major marketing platform.

The study, run by Linc Global, shows that Echo owners increased their purchases of consumer products, like diapers, by 13.5% in the 3rd quarter of 2017, up from the 7.5% jump seen in the second quarter of this year. Those companies also saw an unusually great 60% upsell fee, meaning the buyers bought more goods from the same brand after their Echo buy.

“This analysis indicates that voice search includes a positive impact on product sales of standardized goods,” James Lee, an analyst at Mizuho Securities wrote in a note published Wednesday.

The broader takeaway, according to Lee, is that Alexa’s voice technology is turning out to be a major marketing platform for consumer brands. For instance, Pamper diapers also offers an Alexa iphone app that recommends re-orders of prior purchases or new products based on past shopping history.

Amazon is also testing a fresh service that could potentially let customers buy products from the consumer brand’s Alexa iphone app and grab at local merchants, according the Mizuho notice.

“Alexa’s voice platform provides a powerful advertising channel for brands to market direct,” Lee wrote in the note.

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