Apple’s missing link vs Amazon, Google

Today, most people think a digital assistant is most beneficial for a quick question in regards to a favorite team’s rating or if you need to play a quick tune. But they’re evolving rapidly and can do so much more.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are adding features at such an instant pace that, even while a person who receives emails about the new features, I can hardly keep up with them all. You can utilize them to take up content on your TV, a casino game of trivia, or to purchase a pizza from a cafe, all without moving away from of your couch. Walk by either and have it to purchase diapers and you’ll have them on your doorstep in hours.

As consumers begin to understand the power of the virtual assistants and place the wise speakers that house them — including the Google Residence, Amazon’s various Echo products and Apple’s delayed HomePod — around their homes, they’re going to become more like me. They’re going to know that, while driving home, they can consult Google or Amazon to deliver a product, all while seated in traffic.

I think this might learn to push people toward products Apple doesn’t offer, like Amazon Echo or Google Home. While this isn’t necessarily big business however — at least compared to Apple’s other components offerings — it will likely be, and it’s really one we know Apple will take up in with the HomePod sometime up coming year.

It will likely be hard to argue why somebody can purchase a HomePod if they can buy a similar product from Google or Amazon that may also deliver goods. It will likely be also harder to argue why a person who already owns among these products, some of which start at only $29, can purchase another from Apple.

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