Back to the Future: New SF Objective station captain’s crime strategies

By Joe Eskenazi

It’s hard to be more SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Italian than little Gaetano Caltagirone and his spouse, Matt Fambrini, going for walks the footbeat in North Beach.

Caltagirone, right now the nascent captain in Mission Station smiles in the memory. “It had been so good walking that defeat, you understand?” says the 50-year-old Sacred Center grad. “Developing up in the region and being Italian and being in the Italian component of North Beach, persons would state ‘Oh, Gaetano, we remember you as a small boy and now you’re a policeman and aiding us.’ It had been so nice to have that.” He pauses. “You feel vested. You understand?”

The captain is looking for cops who know. That’s why, when it found getting officers to, actually, stick to in his footsteps as a defeat officer, he opened up the assignment to volunteers. On Dec. 2, he finalized what he telephone calls “my pilot course,” assigning eight officers onto two beats, covering Top Castro and Noe Valley for about 18 hours a evening on foot and/or bicycle. He’ll fill in the rest of the Mission – the district is a lot bigger than its name implies – as employees make themselves available.

Foot beats are not cutting-edge policing. It’s about as definately not cutting-edge as possible obtain; it harks to the initial days of law enforcement and feet. But that’s definitely not a bad thing. Reading MORE

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