Execution of Goodell offer limits Jerry Jones’ options – ProFootballTalk

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones appeared to be under the impression that the owners would have one last prospect to debate the proposed deal expansion for Commissioner Roger Goodell before the deal became finalized. Now that the deal has been finalized, Jones’ options are dramatically limited.

Prior to the Compensation Committee signed a binding contract with Goodell, Jones simply had a need to recruit 23 owners to revise or rescind the resolution from May that authorized the Committee to execute the contract. Now that a binding offer has been executed by the NFL and Goodell, any work to scrap the offer would be at the mercy of the contractual privileges that Goodell has guaranteed via the brand new deal, triggering at a minimum whatever buyout provisions were negotiated.

But if Jones was indeed under the impression that he’d have one last chance to recruit more than enough owners to kill the offer – and if it had been with that belief that he abandoned his threat to file suit – litigation could potentially be back up for grabs, with an attempt to use the court program to invalidate the offer.

Nonetheless it plays out, look for Jones to have something to state about it, sooner or later.

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