Harvey Weinstein and His Ex – Businesses Are Sued by Six Women in Class Action


A class-action lawsuit was filed on Wednesday against Harvey Weinstein, Miramax, The Weinstein Company and associates of its plank of directors, claiming these entities worked to “perpetuate and conceal Weinstein’s widespread sexual harassment and assault,” a cover-up that amounts to civil racketeering.

In a joint statement, the six plaintiffs said, “We are but six girls representing hundreds” who’ve been harassed or assaulted by Mr. Weinstein.

The entertainment mogul was fired after an avalanche of accusations since October, when THE BRAND NEW York Times reported that Mr. Weinstein got paid sexual harassment accusers for decades.

“Harvey Weinstein is definitely a predator,” the joint assertion says. “Bob realized it. The plank knew it. The legal representatives knew it. The individual investigators realized it.” Bob Weinstein, Harvey’s brother, is the brain of The Weinstein Company, that they founded together in 2005.

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The statement goes on: “How could so many women have already been violated? How could so many people have protected up for him? How could so many people have done little or nothing to help? Money.”

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