If Trump is in legal peril, it’s the obstruction of justice charge that matters

Washington (CNN) Just how much legal peril is President Donald Trump actually in? That’s the $1 million dilemma as distinctive counsel Robert Mueller remains to probe Russia’s involvement in the 2016 campaign and potential collusion between your foreign ability and Trump’s presidential workforce. Trump legal professional John Dowd threw a grenade into that thicket of legalities earlier this week when he asserted that the President simply cannot obstruct justice.

Consequently, where is all of this heading? And how does the legal track getting pursued by Mueller jibe — or not — with the political end of the investigation? The New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin enters all of that (and more!) in his new part entitled: “Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea Sends Donald Trump’s Lawyers Scrambling.”

We reached out to Jeff, who is also a CNN contributor, to chat more about his piece and try to make a few predictions about where in fact the Mueller investigation is headed. Our conversation, executed via email and lightly edited for flow, is below.

Cillizza: You try to make an important distinction between your legal circumstance against Trump and the political a person. Explain.

Toobin: The legal circumstance, if there is one, would be a criminal indictment of the President — for obstruction of justice or some other crime. There is a very wide open constitutional question about whether a seated President can be indicted, that is normally, whether the courts allows such a circumstance to proceed while he is in office.

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