Indie book of daily reflections receiving rave reviews from countrywide press

PORTLAND, Maine – Joyce Wilson-Sanford is a ex – executive of the global Delhaize Group and of Hannaford Brothers in New England and an expert on leadership development-not necessarily a background that one would expect to result in writing a reserve on spiritual exploration. Wilson-Sanford says her brand-new book, I Pray Anyhow: Devotions for the Ambivalent, is not so very unforeseen. As a businesswoman, she recognizes emerging tendencies and growth market segments, and the religiously ambivalent is obviously a growing trend. The number of religiously unaffiliated adults in the United States has increased by roughly 19 million since 2007. These are the religious “nones” as defined in the Pew Research Survey of America’s Changing Religious Landscape (2015). There are now around 56 million religiously unaffiliated adults, or nones, in the United States; many of whom stay spiritually curious.

These legitimate prayers will inspire readers to pray despite fluctuations in one’s soul and in the world. KIRKUS Assessment Throughout the book expectation and faith vie with soreness and doubt rendering it personal and legitimate. SAN FRANCISCO BOOK REVIEW, 5/5 Stars

I Pray Anyway provides Wilson-Sanford’s personal, and often funny, voice to the growing number of men and women who are disillusioned with and/or don’t affiliate with any formal faith. While working on a leadership reserve, CEO: Note To Personal, Wilson-Sanford began to write down reflections-or prayers-as she considered an exploration of faith after years without religious engagement. The effect is a reserve of 365 daily reflections with 12 personal stories interspersed-ideal for getaway giving. Wilson-Sanford’s very personal, humorous and honest publishing illustrates the dilemmas faced by the nones. She reframes the present day spiritual struggle by leaping over obstacles made by an overreliance on intellect, reason and common dogma to provide the reader to a place of curiosity which allows the independence to explore.

While an increasing number of persons are disassociating themselves from the official religious affiliation, the majority of us even now crave the type of wisdom that faith provides. Here are 365 “prayers”-you may also call them poems or musings or mantras-that offer preferences of this knowledge like sips from a glorious wellspring. Consumed all at once or savored as time passes, these prayers can make you think about your own knowledge of the divine. Sometimes funny and definitely heartfelt, they act as a guide to a greater impression of gratitude and awe. CORINNA NICOLAOU, Author of A None’s Story

Among her other endeavors, Wilson-Sanford is a keynote loudspeaker and presents workshops on the topics of prayer and emerging religious trends. She writes a every week blog, I Pray Anyhow, about them at Her web page shares her range of classic pondering on leadership and lifestyle and is home to two additional blogs, CEO: Notice To Self and Real truth Burps.


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