Kaine seeks data on harassment statements on Capitol Hill

Story highlights The Office of Compliance handles harassment complaints for Congress

Sen. Tim Kaine sent a letter to Susan Tsui Grundmann, the office’s executive director

(CNN) Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine requested data Tuesday from any office of Compliance that fine detail the scope of sexual harassment promises filed against members of Congress, together with congressional staffers.

In a letter to the top of any office of Compliance, the office that handles harassment complaints and administers obligations, Kaine asked for the amount of harassment claims filed within the last decade; the amount of claims against members of the Senate and their staffs that ended in “some kind of resolution”; and the quantity of each settlement paid with taxpayer funds.

In the letter to Susan Tsui Grundmann, the office’s executive director, Kaine he projects to publicly disclose the info if the committee delivers it.

“In the fascination of transparency, I intend to publicly disclose these details because I believe it will provide some insight into the scope of the condition and help determine solutions for preventing and addressing future incidents, Kaine said.

No such break down of sexual harassment promises has been previously released by any office of Compliance.

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