L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti: Give Dreamers the opportunity my grandfather had

Eric Garcetti may be the mayor of LA and a former president of the LA City Council. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely his.

(CNN) Shortly after her spouse was killed found in the Mexican Revolution, Guadalupe fled north with her 1-year-old baby boy in her arms. Greater than a century ago, she crossed the border and found its way to America without immigration documents — or much else.

Eric Garcetti

Years later, her boy Salvador volunteered for and fought found in World Battle II, earned his citizenship through military service, and eventually opened a tiny business — a barber shop in South LA. Salvador was a Dreamer prior to the term existed — and he was my grandfather.

My family story isn’t unique in this nation of immigrants. And today’s Dreamers — who are American atlanta divorce attorneys method except the papers they hold — possess the same potential and drive to serve their region as my grandfather.

But there’s an important difference: Young people brought to the US as children are confronting the chance of deportation right now from the only region they’ve ever really known.

This is simply not only cruel — it’s nonsensical.

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