Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman on her upbringing, education and working on Wall Street

Getting a great education isn’t the simply benefit to attending school – in addition, it provides the opportunity to meet new guys, build upon key social skills and learn beneficial lessons for after in life.

And that’s precisely what the first female CEO of a major U.S. stock exchange operator discovered when she attended an all-girls school, before starting a career on Wall Street.

“I actually do wonder it made a notable difference,” Adena Friedman, Nasdaq CEO and president told CNBC, when asked about whether going to a same-sex school had an effect on her career in a male-dominated industry.

Speaking on an bout of “Your life Hacks Live,” the Nasdaq executive explained how she attended a great all-girls school for a decade, and how it helped her build her assurance and plan college.

“While I had a brother in the home, I could go to a place where I could feel like I could ask any concern I wanted,” explained Friedman, on the sidelines of Slush 2017, a start-up and tech event held in Helsinki, Finland, the other day.

“I could believe that it had been OK to be wise, and that I must say i loved math and science, and so I could really propel myself into those areas rather than really have any of those sort of social pressures that sometimes co-ed environments can create. THEREFORE I really actually loved being within an all-girls school.”

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