Patagonia, Interior Section trade Twitter barbs above ‘special interests’

Report highlights Patagonia and the spokeswoman for the Interior engaged in a heated Twitter spat

Washington (CNN) Outdoor merchant Patagonia and the Interior Department continued their general public spat over US national monuments Tuesday on Twitter, trading barbs over each others’ ties to “special interests.”

The company announced Tuesday that it plans to take legal action over President Donald Trump’s move to dramatically shrink two countrywide monuments in Utah, a move that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke recommended.

Pursuing that announcement, Zinke took purpose at the retailer in a press phone call Tuesday, stating, “You mean Patagonia manufactured in China? This is usually an example of a particular interest.”

Zinke as well accused Patagonia of lying when it emblazoned the words, “The President Stole Your Terrain,” on the homepage of its web-site.

On the press call, Zinke labeled that claim “nefarious, false and a lie” because simply no antiquities protections on the property had been taken off — and added that Patagonia’s push was a “blatant lie to fill up their coffers.”

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