Scary Case Of Healthy 20-Year-Old Mom Dying Only 2 Days After A Flu Analysis When She Began Coughing Up Blood

A family group in Arizona is mourning the sudden and tragic lack of a young mom of two who died simply just two times after she was identified as having the flu and provided anti-viral medication.

Alani “Joie” Murrieta, 20, had been healthy, and her unexpected death has led to her family warning others to take care of symptoms seriously.

“Don’t take existence for granted. In the event that you feel sick, visit the doctor. Don’t hang on until your symptoms happen to be so very bad there is absolutely no turning back,” Murrieta’s aunt, Stephanie Gonzales, told CBS Reports. “Know the body.”

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, Murrieta was sent home from work after suffering from flu-like symptoms. The next day, she visited an urgent care facility where – after a long time of waiting around – she was informed she possessed the flu and was given a prescription for Tamiflu.

Murrieta’s family had not been stunned by the diagnosis, as her several children were sick previous in the week.

“We were all together for Thanksgiving and the tiny kids got ill, then the adults got ill,” Gonzalez informed CBS. “It traveled through our family. Everybody kind of got over it. Everybody was fine.”

However, when Murrieta attempted to rest over Tuesday, her health worsened and she commenced coughing up blood.

“She looked worried. She told her mother she was having a hard time breathing,” Gonzalez informed CBS.

Murrieta’s mother rushed her to Banner Estrella Medical Center, where she was identified as having pneumonia.

“Her oxygen levels were low,” Gonzalez informed CBS. “They have an X-ray and discovered her flu had converted into pneumonia. They gave her antibiotics and an IV drip.”

Shortly after, Murrieta lost consciousness and she was placed on a ventilator. Ultimately, her heart stopped.

Chaos then ensued due to doctors began chest compressions and Murrieta’s mom screamed for her daughter to “struggle.” Although the medical group attempted to resuscitate the 20-year-old, there was nothing at all they could do.

“She was gone,” Gonzalez told CBS. “We just couldn’t believe it. We had been in shock.”

Murrieta did not get a flu shot; however, based on the ten percent effectiveness of the most latest flu shot in Australia, doctors are uncertain if it would have truly made a difference.

The family has create a GoFundMe page for funeral expenses.

“I under no circumstances thought I’d be making arrangements for her funeral,” Gonzalez told CBS. “We’re hence overwhelmed. We cannot believe her story provides touched and reached so many people. We are truly amazed.”

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