Tillerson Suggests Cuba Could Have got Stopped ‘Targeted Episodes’ on U.S. Diplomats


BRUSSELS – Nearly a year after the State Department uncovered that something terrible had took place to diplomats and their spouses posted in Havana, Secretary of Express Rex W. Tillerson said Wednesday that the United States remained convinced the employees had been victims of “targeted attacks.”

Mr. Tillerson also advised that Cuba could have stopped the attacks, which the State Department has said left 24 people, who are associated with the American Embassy in Havana, with medical concerns. His remarks came following the Associated Press reported that medical tests had disclosed perceptible physical changes in the brains of a few of the diplomats, top rated specialists to become significantly skeptical that the attackers acquired employed a sonic weapon, which have been initially suspected as the diplomats reported strange sounds within their homes or hotels.

Sonic weapons do not cause the kind of physical changes seen in the personnel, specialists have said. Rather, the sounds may have been a byproduct of something else that caused the damage, The Associated Press reported.

The United States has never accused the Cuban government of perpetrating the attacks, but officials have said that Cuba, as the host government, was in charge of making sure the safety of its diplomats and their spouses.

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On Wednesday, Mr. Tillerson clarified that no subject who was simply behind the episodes, Cuba was at fault.

“What we’ve thought to the Cubans is: tiny island,” Mr. Tillerson said, raising his hands. “You’ve acquired a superior security apparatus. You probably know who is carrying it out. You can stop it. It’s as simple as that.”

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