Time magazine has sided with women more than the misogynist in chief

Jane Merrick is a good Uk political journalist and past political editor of the Independent on Sunday newspaper. The thoughts expressed in this commentary will be hers.

(CNN) Just a little over this past year, despite a swirl of sexual assault allegations against him and a history of misogyny, Donald Trump defeat the woman many hoped would get it to the White colored House — not only to the presidency, but to the name of Period magazine’s Person of the Year. This year, it is the President who must get in line.

The decision by Time of the “Silence Breakers” — the women and men who have spoken out about their experience of rape, sexual assault and harassment — as Person of the Year 2017 is not simply a recognition of the jolt to society the #MeToo movement has caused. It is a perfect counter-blast to Trump’s record on girls.

In 2016, Time placed Hillary Clinton as runner up to Trump. In 2017, the president — whose obsession with winning can be planetary — can be second in line following the Silence Breakers.

It is a neat symmetry that redresses the total amount for girls who deserve to be treated with value and dignity by men who try to use sex to exert their electricity.

Waking to the news today, the President is getting to grips with Newton’s Third Regulation: for each and every action there is an equal and opposite response.

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