Tracee Ellis Ross Found A good Foolproof Way SHOWING Men HOW EXACTLY TO Not Sexually Harass Women

The hilarious actress took the time during her opening monologue to school men everywhere about the widespread problem of sexual assault and harrassment. And she also introduced a smart teaching tool to help relay her concept: a children’s book.

Tracee Ellis Ross offers been on a good roll lately with her hosting duties – she’s such a natural – and her most up-to-date A-list gig was her guest-host i’m all over this Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night time.

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The Black-ish star started her powerful opener, calling harassment “a systemic problem” that “has enabled a culture of inequity to persist for far too long.”

Her phrases that followed gave men a apparent guideline of rules to follow so that this problem can be rectified for good.

“Treating another individual with value isn’t complicated, nonetheless it seems somewhat confusing for a number of males out there,” she said. “Consequently, I wrote a publication. It’s kind of a children’s publication for men that is going to get this to really simple and just take it back to the fundamentals.”

Holding up the reserve, aptly titled The Handsy Guy, to the camera, Ross discussed that it provides everything for men to differentiate what is viewed as inappropriate and vice versa.

She also recited an excerpt from the genius piece of literature.

“You may not compliment my butt/You may not call me ‘ho’ or ‘slut’/And whether or not you’re stoned or perhaps drunk, usually do not expose me to your junk,” she read. “And if I am your employee, don’t rest your hand upon my knee/No, I will not sit on your lap/I shouldn’t need to say this crap.”

Watch her read the reserve in its entirety in the clip below:

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