Trump’s photo op power move

Washington (CNN) The White colored House didn’t shy away from one of President Donald Trump’s top critics in america Senate on Tuesday: they place Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake in the seat right following to the President, making for a really interesting and totally awkward (for Flake, absolutely) photo op.

Trump took the opportunity to talk about how exactly he’s unified the GOP and how they’re going to pass a taxes reform bill.

“There’s an excellent spirit in the Republican Party like I’ve hardly ever seen before — like a lot of people have said they’ve hardly ever seen before. They’ve hardly ever seen anything such as this, the unity,” Trump explained.

Flake’s on board with the tax bill, but he’s also the prototype of how Trump’s done the opposite of unify the GOP. Trump basically declared political war on Flake, helping travel him from a re-election bid in Arizona. Flake, for his portion, offers warned that Trump’s leadership could end the GOP. Both do not look at eye to eye.

Witness: Trump took a single question during the photo op and defended his endorsement of Alabama Senate applicant Roy Moore in spite of allegations Moore sought romantic relationships with teenagers when he was found in his 30s. Moore features denied the allegations.

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